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Serrano's jamón of barkings

Serrano's jamón of barkings
  • Serrano's jamón of barkings
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Brand:Jamon Serrano
Country of manufacture:Spain
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The Spanish jamón is divided into two main types: jamón iberiko (Jamon ibérico) and Serrano's (Jamon Serrano) jamón. Both that and another make on similar technology, the difference consists only that for production of each of types strictly certain breed of the pigs who are grown up in special conditions and fattened on special diet is used.

Jamón of Serrano which in Spain is considered product of the daily use and is most often exported is done of meat of white pig of Dyurok-Dzhersiysky breed. This type of meat delicacy occupies the lion share of the market and makes 90% of all jamón made in Spain.

Distinctive feature of jamón of Serrano is also that only on its packaging the term of aging of gammon in cellar can be specified: so, for Bodega jamón it makes not less than a year, for Reserva - not less than 9 months, and Curado gammon can ripen till 7 months.

For production of jamón iberiko, significantly more expensive and refined, the elite thoroughbred livestock of pigs of black Iberian breed whose far ancestors were wild pigs living in the woods Sierra Morena is grown up. Dark coloring of skin and black hooves ("stalemate of the Black" - Spaniards quite so call jamón iberiko) - distinctive feature of noble breed of which meat the most delicate texture is characteristic.

Jamón iberiko is made in the Spanish provinces of Kácepec and Badajoz (in Estremadure), Huelva (in Andalusia) and Salamanca (in Kastilye and Leon). The flora and unique climate of these zones create ideal conditions for the jamón birth. The pure, green pastures more reminding well-groomed parks stretch for hundreds of kilometers. Here, in shadow of sprawling oaks animals are freely grazed, absorbing acorns and wild-growing fragrant herbs that in turn defines unique taste and aroma of the final product.

The cost of jamón depends on many factors and can vary noticeably. The most expensive gammons - jamón iberiko beyoto - receive by fattening of pigs on special, "exclusive" acorn diet. One more elite grade of the Spanish ham - jamón iberiko resevo. Its basis - meat of the pig who is brought up by mix from acorns and fodder which part specially picked up spicy herbs are.

However, what type of jamón you would not choose - refined elite iberiko or the noble, adored by Spaniards Serrano, we are sure of one absolutely precisely: you will remain it is excited about this delightful, really magnificent delicacy and want to enjoy its unique taste again and again!

Brand:Jamon Serrano
Country of manufacture:Spain
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2019
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